This is an old blog post, but since I cannot type very quickly in an arm sling, we are recycling materials.  (I had rotator cuff surgery last week)

The leaves here have turned from green to orange to brown in the weeks that I have spent up in Saltspring. I had forgotten how beautiful Fall is in Canada, and had definitely erased the memory of being cold. Funny, because I never used to find this weather cold, and played rugby most of my life in conditions worse than it has been. That’s what happens when you move to the tropics.

Fishing has been slow, although yesterday I managed to hook into a decent size salmon only to have it throw the lure. Up here, we use barbless single hooks to make catch-and-release easier for the fish…but it also has the effect of making fishing much more difficult when you are fighting a beast that jumps into the air to when trying to escape.

Work has been keeping me busy, and it’s really great to have 3G wireless and a BlackBerry. Unfortunately, I have become too used to the technology and must resolve the fact that I will be back in Costa Rica soon where internet connections are sketchy at best. The great thing though, is that I will be back working out of my office and keeping regular hours again rather than being available 24/7. I just don’t get the mindset of people demanding replies immediately. Something like this:

Start the clock

 Rob emails me a document.

T + 2 minutes

 Rob text messages me, “did you get my email”

 T + 5 minutes

 Rob text messages me, “are you there? you aren’t answering your texts”

 T + 6 minutes

Kyle texts me, “Are you awake?”

T + 7 minutes

Silvio (Rob ’s Partner) texts me, “Did you get the email from Rod?”

 T + 10 minutes

 Rob phones me, “did you get my texts and my email?”

 T+ 12minutes

 Silvio phones me, “Did Rod get a hold of you?”

 T + 13 minutes

 Kyle calls me, “everyone is looking for you”

Meanwhile, I have just woken up because it’s midnight on a school night and have had to go pee before looking at what kind of person would be so desperate to get a hold of me. Notwithstanding, have you ever tried to digest a legal document with the sandman on your shoulders?

It will be great to be home and not have that availability. So, for all you reading in North America, I will be back to market hours again soon!

The thing that I am missing most is the warm water, and of course, surfing. Hope to see some of you out there! (ps – November’s best spot to surf is between PlayaImage Grande and Casitas…a place called Palm Beach or Marker 26)